Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SPOTTED @ Target: Holiday 2012 ELF & Kardashian Kolors

So I spotted some Holiday displays over the weekend at one of the Targets near me.  First up is ELF!

The ELF collection looks to have some new stuff and their palettes have had a bit of a makeover.  I was pretty interested in the nail polish set on the fourth shelf, to the right.  I haven't tried any ELF polishes yet, and this look like it had a good mixture:

Sorry for the blurry pic!  Took this in a rush with my phone.  But anyway, this set is called Necessary Nails and comes with 15 nail polishes (that are supposed to be essential, I guess).  They have light and dark colors; something for everyone.  This set retails for $15. 

Next up is the Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolors Holiday 2012 collection:

They had this on a back endcap, by the rest of the nail polish.  I think some of the colors are pretty, but I don't get too much of a holiday vibe from this.  There's a bit of a mix in the finishes, with a couple cremes, some frosty ones, glitters, and even maybe a duochrome!  But mostly these are glitters, which isn't a bad things.  Here are some close ups of the bottles:

l-r: Kardashing Through the Snow, Here We Kome A-Karoling, All is Glam, All is Bright, Keeping Up with Santa

l-r: A Gold Winter's Night, Deck the Dolls, Nicole's Nickel, Mer-Maid for Each Other

l-r: Mer-Maid for Each Other, Just Busta Mauve, I Love You Cherry Much

I'm unsure whether they're all Kardashian Kolors, because the Kardashian related names stop after Deck the Dolls (the blue one), and actually A Gold Winter's Night isn't really Kardashian related either.  So some of these might be just be part of the regular Nicole by OPI line's holiday collection.  But anyway, yeah...the ones that interested me most were All is Glam, All is Bright and A Gold Winter's Night.  They look really pretty!  And also Kardashian Through the Snow, because I don't have a multi-colored glitter yet and this looks like it might be a good one.  Here's even more of a close up of these bottles:

look at all the sparkles! :P

The Nicole by OPI polishes retail for $7.04 at Target.  I've only spotted these at one Target, which is the one further from me.  The Target closer to me doesn't have any Holiday stuff yet.  (I feel like it's always the last one to get stuff.)  So not all Targets have this yet, but be on the lookout if you're interested in any of these, especially if you want some of the ELF stuff.  As you can see from the picture, it's already been picked over quite a bit!  Let me know if you get anything~ :)

I'm so excited to have spotted these.  Holiday collections are some of my favorites!  Can't wait for the rest to start showing up! ^^

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