Thursday, September 6, 2012

SPOTTED: Sinful Colors Fall Fairy Tale Enchanted Collection (Fall 2012)

So I've been on the hunt for the Barely Beige Color Tattoo from the Maybelline Scene on the Runway limited edition collection.  I know, I know...I'm a bit late hunting for them now.  But I didn't think I was going to get them.  That changed over the course of time, as I saw more and more swatches.  Anyway, long story short, I haven't found it yet!  It seems to be sold out everywhere.

However, I did spot something new at Rite Aid!  The Sinful Colors Fall collection called Fall Fairy Tale: Enchanted.

The colors from left to right: Inkwell, Muse, Smokin, Rain Storm, Last Chance, In the Mist, Mesmerize, and Jungle Trail.

Close up of Inkwell, Muse, Smokin', and Rainstorm.

Inkwell looks to a be a purple-black color, Muse is a dusty gray-purple color that has become very common, Smokin' looks to be a straight up concrete gray color, and Rainstorm is a dusty blue color.

Close up of Last Chance, In the Mist, Mesmerize, and Jungle Trail.

Last Chance is a dark forest green color, In the Mist is a dusty gray-green color, Mesmerize is a dusty blurple (blue-purple), and Jungle Trail is a light gray-putty color.

All of the polishes seem to be creme finishes.  As you can tell from my color descriptions, a lot of the colors have dusty and/or grayish quality to them, which I like.  But I don't think the colors are overly unique, and I didn't pick anything up this time around.  However, I am thinking about going back for In the Mist and Mesmerize.  Also, Last Chance and Rainstorm are repromotes.  The rest are new, I think.  

Ok, actually, I picked up Rainstorm from Walgreens yesterday.  But that was before I found out about this collection, so that doesn't technically count as picking something up from this one. :P  It was part of my big SC Walgreens haul (yay 99 cent sale!), and I'll have swatches of it up soon!

Are you thinking of getting anything from this collection?  Or any other Fall collections?  I think Fall collections are some of the best collections of the year!

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