Monday, October 15, 2012

DEAL ALERT! Revlon Moon Candy Duos On Clearance!

Hello!  I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that I spotted the Revlon Moon Candy Duos on CLEARANCE at my local Target yesterday! They were all in a bin on a back end cap, and they still had a pretty big selection of them.

They were all priced at $5.24, which is only 30% clearance, so it may go down more if the stock doesn't move fast enough.  I was tempted to pick up another one, but I still have a couple that I need to swatch, so I shouldn't really get another, lol.  Plus, I pretty much got the colors I really wanted through the CVS deal a while back, from when I swatched the Supernova duo.

Have you seen these on clearance at your Target?  Planning to get any?

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