Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wishlist Wednesdays (01)

I was going to do some nail polish swatches yesterday, but the sun didn't want to play.  It was actually overcast for a good part of the day, and very muggy.  And then, it rained!  Not typical weather for this time of the year...o_o;;

I'll try to get some swatches up later this week, but for now, here are just a couple of lemmings I've had this past week or so...

color club in noveau vintage (fall 2011)

I don't own any polishes from Color Club, or any polishes that could possibly be a dupe for this.  It is a gorgeous metallic golden bronze color with green and golden shimmer.  Just look at the swatches here and here.  I think I'm going to definitely try to get my hands on this and make it my first Color Club polish!

This was the one that really stood out to me from Color Club's Fall 2011 collection, Back to Boho, but I also like Blue-topia, Earthy Angel, and Nomadic in Nude.

sleek eyeshadow palette in oh so special (le)

I've heard a lot of good things about Sleek and have wanted to try them out for a while.  The only thing stopping me from trying their products is availability.  Sleek is a UK brand so shipping to the U.S. is quite expensive. :(  But I think I'm going to give in for this palette, and get this for my birthday later this month.  This palette is extremely wearable, and the colors are gorgeous.  From swatches and reviews, this palette seems like a great buy!  I'd also like to try out their other palettes, lipsticks, and blush, but that'll be for another time...haha.

What have you added to your wishlist recently?

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  1. I wanna try Color Club polishes too~ but they seem to be not as available...unless we just don't know where to look...

    Ah, Sleek! I wanna try some of their stuff too!

    I have lots of wants on my list....kkk. I keep going back and forth from make-up wants to clothes to shoes. AIGOO. lol


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