Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me! + NOTD

Today is my birthday, and just happens to also be the birthday of one of my closest friends, Tiffany. :) We have been friends since elementary school.  So I just wanted to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY one more time!  It's pretty amazing that we are so close AND share the same birthday.  Another of my closest friends is born just ONE day before Tiffany and I, and the three of us are always having adventures together.  TRAVELBUDDIES4LYFE! lol :)

Anyway, I started my birthday celebrations a little early...having a birthday lunch this past Saturday, because my brother couldn't make it today due to work.  I've kind of had a birthday tradition to have lunch at Olive Garden with my Mom and brother.  My Mom would take off of work and take us.  Then, when my Dad got home from work, we'd go out to dinner and have cake after.

I kind of forgot to take a picture of my food, but I did take one of my brother's, lol.  This is what I usually get, anyway (just switched it up to Chicken & Shrimp Carbonara this time):
Braised Beef and Tortelloni

Today, I had a chill day and spent the day with my Mom, who is, of course, a big part of why I'm here today and why this day is possible.  Gotta appreciate your Momma!  We spent it mostly at the mall.  Had lunch, and then did a little bit of shopping.  I also got my free birthday pretzel from Auntie Anne's!  I love their almond pretzel with caramel dip...nomnomnom!!  Also stopped by ULTA for the free birthday brow wax at the Benefit brow bar.  And I actually left without buying anything! Go me!  Unfortunately...I did not take any pictures today...FAIL. =.=;;;  But I did take pictures of my cake...

I had actually mentioned wanting an Ube cake from Red Ribbon earlier in the year, when my cousin had it for his birthday.  It was really good!  But that was a few months ago, so it became a forgotten comment, lol.  Instead, I got this cake, which is good too!  And besides, I'm a big fan of Tiramisu. :)

And finally, here's my birthday NOTD:

What I Used:
ORLY Ridgefiller
Julep Basecoat
2 coats Julep Miranda
(from my Julep Maven box! post on that coming soon! :])
2 coats China Glaze Atlantis (on ring fingers only)
1 coat Nubar 2010

I'm really loving this combination!  And really loving layering Nubar 2010 over everything, lol.  I don't think the pictures do it justice though...let me know what you think? :)

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