Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FOODIE FILES: Birthday, Round 2 & 3!

The birthday celebrations continue!  I had dinner with my two friends that I previously mentioned in my other birthday post.  It was a birthday dinner for us to could celebrate together, just the three of us.  But one thing that always happens when we're together...we never know where to go.  xD  We just start driving and decide from there.  We're pretty much "go with the flow" kinda girls.  So it was up to me to decide this time, and I chose Korean.  My friends chose the restaurant, and it was one I hadn't been to before.  They had though, so I pretty much let them pick the food, lol.

ddeokbokki with the banchan

my favorite banchan! in my opinion, it's pretty hard to get this one wrong...

close up of the ddeokbokki

forgot what this one was called, but it's pork & kimchi with tofu on the side

doenjang jjigae

and our dessert: shaved ice! underneath all the ice and condensed milk goodness is mango pudding, lychee, and almond jelly. yummm!

Then, this past Sunday, we celebrated some more with some other friends.  I didn't decide anything this time...all I had to do was show up, lol.  We went to a place called Father's Office, which I hadn't heard of until now.  They're known for their burger, so that's what I got!

the burger was delicious!

their sweet potato fries were great too!

And, as it is a bar, I did get a drink:
Lindemans Framboise - my first time trying it! it was very good, too!

After this early dinner, we went bowling.  I...did not do so well, lol.  But it's all for fun, and we had a great time filled with many laughs.  And to continue our laughter filled fun, we decide to hang out at a boba place.  I got what has become my usual: honey green milk tea.  Usually, I don't get it with boba, but this time I did, because their boba is PINK!  Had to try it!

it's pink!

The last week has been a lot of fun!  But now I'm back in school...And August is ending, which means summer is almost ending too.  I'm gonna miss the longer, lazy days of summer, but I'm ready for fall and winter to come.  Can't wait for the weather to start cooling down, so I can break out my scarves and boots, and start wearing trendy fall colors. ^^

P.S. Hope to have my August favorites up soon~

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  1. Oh wow this makes me soooo hungry! T_T haha


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