Saturday, September 3, 2011

SPOTTED: Revlon Edgy Elegance Polish Display

I was at Rite Aid earlier today, and spotted this display.  It looked like they had just finished putting out, because they still had a sheet of paper out that showed how to display the nail polish.  So I guess this is another new display from Revlon!  It's called Edgy Elegance, and contains 8 new shades plus a quick dry top coat.  The polishes look like they are all shimmers, and some might even have a foil finish.

Girly & Fierce

Punk & Princess

Catty & Top Coat

Innocent & Downtown

Top Coat & Aloof

These polishes look gorgeous, and I was so excited when I spotted them!  But then again, I'm always excited with new nail polish releases, haha!  I wish I had taken close ups of each bottle, but I was in a bit of a rush, so I just snapped these few pictures.  I didn't even pick up any for myself, and I love Revlon polishes!  Maybe I'll go back later, and try to get close ups. ^^  If I do, I'll definitely edit this post with them.

My favorites are Fierce, Princess, and Catty.  
Are you interested in getting any? 
Which ones are your favorites?

ETA: More pictures! Close ups of the bottles under the cut:








After looking at the bottles again, all of these polishes look like they have silver shimmer...and my favorite has changed since I first posted, lol.  I really like Downtown now!  Unfortunately for me, I've put myself on a polish ban, after buying the Julie G collection.  But if I do end up getting one, it will definitely be Downtown.  Also, Downtown is the color that Halle Berry is wearing in the display and it looks amazing on her!

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