Thursday, September 29, 2011

DEAL ALERT!! Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss @ Ulta

I was at Ulta today, cuz I like to go there just for kicks~

lol, not really.  I just wanted to take advantage of their 40% of Physicians Formula sale to get a Happy Booster blush.  (My first!)  While there, I spotted this display for Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss.

All of the lipglosses in this display come with a $2 off coupon that is immediately usable at the register.  Regular price is $7.49.  BUT, Revlon is also 40% at Ulta this week!  That comes out to around $4.49.  With the coupon, you end up paying $2.49 for one lipgloss.  If you didn't get to take advantage of last week's epic Revlon deal at CVS, this is a great alternative.  Of course, it's only on the Colorburst Lipglosses, but still a great deal! (40% off sale ends Saturday, Oct. 1st.)

And you know me, I had to take advantage of this deal, and walked away with one in Papaya.  Another first for me, as I haven't tried the Colorburst Lipglosses yet.  That plus my Happy Booster blush put me at $10, so I got to use the $3.50 off coupon.  That basically made the lipgloss free.  Score!! :D


  1. OMG THANK YOU FOR THE HEADS UP! I wanted to get these but didnt want to pay almost $8 for one gloss that I hadn't even read reviews on! This is an awesome deal! I wonder if I can use my $3.50 off $10 Ulta coupon towards this...I'm going to take a trip tomorrow morning bright and early! Thanks again!!

  2. glad it helped someone! what color did you end up getting?

  3. I got hot pink and sienna sparkle. I love them! and my Ulta coupon was for $5 off $10, not $3.50 off like I originally thought. Even better!!!


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