Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wishlist Wednesdays (02)

Notice anything different?

I changed my layout a bit!  Did a little re-vamping, but nothing too big.  Unfortunately, disqus got messed somehow, when I changed the layout.  It's fixed now, but I lost a few comments here and there...I'm so sorry if I don't reply to your comment.  It just got lost...but please feel free to comment again! :)

Now onto my wishlist, FASHION EDITION!

I love dressing up and shopping, but I don't always have the funds to do so. :(  I wish  money grew on trees!!  But it doesn't, so most of the time, I end up just window shopping and adding things to my wishlist, especially now that we're changing seasons.  I did this recently on a trip to the mall.

Some of the things I've been wanting for the fall/winter season:

wrap bracelet from F21

I definitely want more accessories, particularly bracelets like this wrap bracelet.  I've been seeing a lot of "arm parties" happening in the blogging world, and would love to be able to join in.  Unfortunately, my wrists are a bit too skinny for bangles and bracelets usually sold at places like F21.  They just fall these wrap bracelets are the answer to my problem! :D  Also, any stretchy bracelets work too.  And I'm glad H&M has XS/S bracelets, cuz those work too.  Can't wait to have my own arm party!! :)

tan oxford booties from F21

I have been wanting oxford booties for the longest time!  In this specific color range too!  I have several black ankle boots and booties, but not in other colors, so I'm looking to branch out.  And, I just feel like these oxford booties would look great with fall outfits!

I'm also lemming some dark brown knee high boots and more scarves!  I love scarves! :D

Anything you're lemming for this fall/winter season?

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