Saturday, August 6, 2011

SWATCH+REVIEW: Dare to Wear - Smokin' Diva

Dare to Wear is a new-to-me brand.  I haven't really heard anything about this brand, and haven't seen it featured on any of the polish blogs I follow.  Also, when you google swatches, there are very few to find.  It's sold at my local nail polish place, but I usually just walk past the display and straight to the OPI polishes.  However, during my last trip there, I decided to check out the Dare to Wear display.  I'm glad I did!  They have some great colors.  I limited myself to two, just to try it out and see how the formula is.

The first one I'm going to show you is called Smokin' Diva.  I was debating how to describe this color for a while, but finally decided that it looks like a taupe-y foil with copper shimmer.  It is GORGEOUS!  I don't have anything like it, and I tried to take pictures to showcase the shimmer.


close up of bottle (sunlight)

indoors, natural light

I was a little worried about application, because the brush is pretty small.  From past experience, a small brush does not apply polish least for me.  I usually end up with streaky polish or patchiness.  But application was actually really good!  No streaks, and it applied pretty opaquely with just one coat.  It was fully opaque with two coats.

I am totally going to check out more colors from this brand, and I really recommend their polishes!  If you get a chance, try one out!  Unfortunately, I'm not sure where you can get your hands on them.  I'd say the best chance is to check your local beauty supply store.

Have you heard of/tried this brand?  What do you think of it?

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