Monday, August 15, 2011

BIRCHBOX: August 2011

I got my August Birchbox today!  It was a big surprise for me, because I didn't get a shipping email or anything.  I was a little worried that it wasn't gonna come, but then...I shouldn't have been, because it usually gets to me around this time of the month. =.=;;; Anyway, I've refrained from watching Birchbox videos, because I wanted to be surprised with mine.  So after I opened mine, I went on a video watching spree, hehe. ^^;;

My Birchbox is quite different from all the videos I watched.  Here's what I got:

I got Birchbox 7, which included Atelier Cologne (back), blinc Mascara (front), Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream (center), Fix Malibu Wish Wash Exfoliating Powder Wash (center, left), and a twistband Hair Tie (center, right).

blinc | Mascara
This game-changing mascara encases your lashes in a thin tube of water-resistant formula that won't smudge, smear, or run.
Fix Malibu | Wish Wash Exfoliating Powder Wash
Add water to transform this powder into a foaming exfolator.  Salicylic acid helps purify pores, while microexfoliators gently slough away dull skin.
Caudalie | Premier Cru The Eye Cream
De-puffs and hydrates the under eye area with antioxidant-rich grape extracts and anti-aging peptides.
Atelier Cologne | Orange Sanguine Absolue
It doesn't get sunnier than this juicy scent, which is a modern update on the classic eau de cologne.

This is the only product I've tried from this BB, since it's the easiest, lol.  It smells like oranges!  I love citrus scents, so this is a great scent for me.  It's citrusy and refreshing, and this might be the first product I buy full sized. :)
So a lot of people seem to be disappointed with their Birchbox, but I'm not.  Sure, it's not the best one I've gotten, but I'm very excited to try some of these products.  Particularly the mascara and eye cream.  I do wish I had gotten a product that I've seen in other peoples' Birchboxes, but wasn't in mine, and that is Shaveworks The Cool Fix.  I would've really liked to sample that product.  But, oh well...

What did you get in your Birchbox?

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