Sunday, March 31, 2013

Complying with New FTC Guidelines

Unfortunately, I've been lacking in beauty posts this week because I wanted to sit down and read the new FTC Guidelines to make sure I comply and don't get in trouble down the line.  And I haven't had time until now!

I found some helpful links through Liquid Jelly that made the new guidelines easier to understand.  Basically, the FTC wants bloggers to clearly disclose how they obtained the product that's in the post.  To do this, a lot of bloggers seem to be using buttons at the top of their posts, and I think that is one of the best I'm going to do that too.

I Bought This Pretty self explanatory.  Spent my own money to buy the products shown in the post.

Press Sample Products in the post were sent for consideration, but any opinions stated are mine and 100% honest.

Sponsored I think this one is pretty self explanatory too.  If a company sponsors a post, this will be at the top.  I haven't done any of these, but if it ever happens...I'm prepared, lol.

Affiliate Link I don't have any of these either, but I thought I'd add it in just in case I ever use some in the future.  If this button is present, then the post contains advertorial links and if a purchase is made through that link, I will receive a small percentage or amount from the total of that purchase.  Also, I will label these links with "(ad)" next to it in the post text.

Referral Link I thought I'd add this, even though I don't usually post referral links in a post unless it's a new one.  If you sign up through this link, I gain something (different depending on the company).  All of my referral links are in my sidebar, clearly labeled as referral links.

I got button ideas from Liquid Jelly and Phyrra.  I learned how to make these text buttons from 15 Minute Beauty.

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