Wednesday, March 6, 2013

REVIEW + SWATCH: Lime Crime Uniliner in Quill

Today I have something different from my usual nail polish post.  I'm trying to swatch and review other types of makeup more, so you can start expecting a bit more variety in posts. :)

This is Lime Crime's Uniliner in Quill, which is just a basic black liquid eyeliner.  I bought this at IMATS because I needed a new eyeliner, and at $10, I thought I couldn't go wrong.

One thing that's consistent with Lime Crime's product is the cute packaging, and this eyeliner is no different.  I really love the print on the brush handle.  The brush itself is thin with a pointed end, allowing you to create different line widths.  This liner has a watery formula and because of that, it doesn't dry very quickly and can smudge a lot.  When it does dry, it keeps a glossy finish, instead of the usual matte finish that you find among other eyeliners.  That was one of the selling points the lady pitched when I stopped by their booth.  I thought that was interesting/different, which was another point in favor of getting it.

Here is Quill swatched on my hand:

Unfortunately, this is not a waterproof eyeliner.  At the end of the day, I had panda eyes.  Quite a bit of the eyeliner had traveled to below my lower lash line.  Not cute.  :(  Because of that, I would not recommend getting this eyeliner.  I will try to use this up, but I won't be repurchasing, which is unfortunate because Lime Crime's Uniliners come in several fun/interesting colors.

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