Friday, November 2, 2012

Birchbox - October 2012 (Goop version)

I haven't done a Birchbox post since last year, but I thought I'd do one again because this was supposed to be a special one.  Birchbox decided to do a collaboration with Goop.  Now if you're like me, you don't know what the heck Goop is.  So I looked it up when Birchbox sent the email asking us to select if we wanted to receive the collab box or not.  Turns out, Goop is a site that was created by Gwyneth Paltrow where she shares some of her (pricey) favorite things for you to buy.  Uh, okay.  I had luck with the Teen Vogue collab box, so I decided to opt in.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  But I will tell you all about that after the pictures.

special goop tissue paper

I was pretty excited for this box, because it sounded like it would be great, especially since a lot of the products on the Goop website are pricier items.  Once I got shipping confirmation, I peeked on the site to see what would be in my box.  The gloss sounded nice and I've always wanted to try Embryolisse products.  Plus, I'm a big fan of lemon flavored things, so I was pretty excited to try the Luna bar too.  My excitement stayed with me until I opened the box, and then...disappointment.  As you can see, the samples are pitiful.  They're like free samples you can get at Sephora.

I understand this is a sample box.  But from my understanding, we were supposed to be getting deluxe sample sized items, not these packets that you could get for free from any makeup counter.  I get packets like this just walking by carts in the mall!  And the lip gloss size!  Well!  Let me just show you a size comparison:

And that little bit of pink you see at the bottom of the package is literally all the sample product you get!  I tried this gloss out after taking pictures and it is very sheer, like the description says.  The texture was nice though, and it did feel a little moisturizing.  But I'm definitely not purchasing the full size of this.  I'm sorry, but why would I pay $26 for a sheer gloss?  That just doesn't make sense to me.

So yeah.  I'm giving Birchbox until December to redeem themselves.  Or else, that's it!  There are other sample subscriptions out there for me to try!  I've been with them almost 2 years, and these last few months have not been worth it for me to stick around 'til the 2 year anniversary.  Oh, which reminds me...apparently they were giving out anniversary gifts, but I never got one.  I've noticed that Birchbox has not been very consistent.  The values of their boxes are so disproportionate sometimes.  Some people will get boxes worth a lot more than other people's.  For example, that month that some people got Beauty Blenders while most other people didn't.  Birchbox needs to make all their boxes comparable in value.  Just my two cents.

I've seen several videos where people were unhappy, like me.  But I've also seen videos where people were happy with what they got, and those were the ones that got a full size Essie polish in their box.  How did you feel about your October Birchbox (if you subscribe)? 

On a side note, I have been quite happy with ipsy (formerly known as myglam) lately.  I'll be posting up my October ipsy bag soon!  (I know, I's late since it's November already.  What are you gonna do??  I'm trying to be better about posting these on time! lol)

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