Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wishlist Wednesdays (04)

Can you believe how the year is flying by?  Only 5 Wednesdays left (not counting today) before Christmas!  That means a bunch of holiday sets are popping up all around at beauty retailers.  It also means it's time to start a wishlist for Christmas, haha!  Here are some things I've started adding to my list:

L: Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light, $18 @ / Barneys
R: Cleopatra in New York, $18 @ Nordstrom / / Barneys
(note: these are sold individually)

I have been lemming Deborah Lippmann polishes lately!  I was so tempted to buy them during's F&F sale, but I had just placed a major Sephora order using a code from one of my VIB friends.  Now I'm regretting not doing it, because when else can you DL polishes on sale?!  I really love the look of Ray of Light and Cleopatra in New York.  Hoping I can own them someday...

Deborah Lippman She's Always a Woman Gift Set, $25 @ / Bloomingdale's / Barneys

I also really like this DL gift set because of Raspberry Beret (middle color).  That's pretty much the only polish I want this set for, though the other two colors are nice too.  They're just not very unique.  These are minis, so I hope DL comes out with a full-size version of Raspberry Beret.  I looked up swatches and it looks to be a darker version of Sweet Dreams and you can see the flakies much better.  I definitely like this version better!

Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for Eyes, $48 @ Sephora

I had wanted the Lorac Pro Palette and wanted to buy that during the VIB sale, but it kept getting sold out before I could place my purchase!  So I looked for alternatives and found this Laura Mercier palette.  Even though I really like the look of the colors from the picture, I didn't end up getting it.  I wasn't completely sold.  It's a bit pricier than the Lorac Pro Palette, and you also get less colors (though each shadow is bigger in this palette).  My sights are set on the Lorac Pro Palette for now.  But maybe in the future I'll be able to get this palette too, since I do quite like it.

Slatkin & Co. 3-wick Candles, $19.50 @ Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works needs to bring back their 2 for $20 3-wick candle sale!  I have been loving their candles, having just stocked up on some Fall scents.  Now it's time for winter/holiday scents!!  Pictured above are a few of my faves for this season.  In addition to these, I also like the traditional scents like Evergreen, Fresh Balsam, Twisted Peppermint, and Peach Bellini, to name a few.  They all smell really good!  I'm hoping there's a sale soon, so I'll be able to stock up.  Maybe Black Friday?? :D

That's it for today's Wishlist Wednesday!  I think I might make this a regular weekly feature, at least until Christmas.  I've still got a lot on my wishlist that I want to show, so I think I'm just going to break it up over the weeks.  Maybe it will help you with ideas for gifts! :)

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