Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SWATCH+REVIEW: Avon Suede Nail Enamel in Blue Royale

Happy Election Day!  With the outcome of the Presidential election, I thought it would be appropriate to post a swatch of a polish that correlates with the color that is tied to the winning party.  And if you didn't know by now, Obama has been re-elected!  

Blue is the color tied to the Democratic party here in the U.S., so here is Avon's Suede Nail Enamel in Blue Royale.  I got this polish recently and couldn't wait to try it! I'm not really sure how to describe this blue.  It's navy blue in some lighting, but more of a royal blue (as its name suggests) in other lighting...as you can see from the pictures:





I thought this was a really pretty polish!  I missed out on the suedes that OPI did a while back, so I'm glad that other companies are doing them now!  Avon came out with 6 colors, so in addition to this one, I bought 3 other colors to add to my collection.  I also have suede polishes coming in my Julep Maven box for November, so I think I'm good on suedes now, haha!

Anyway, this applied a little streaky at first, but evened out.  I think suede polishes are pretty forgiving in application, though I did have some small bald spots.  I used two coats for the picture above, with no top coat.  A glossy top coat kind of ruins the suede effect, I think.  And the color is gorgeous how it is!  It's a nice deep color for fall!

What do you think of Suede polishes?  Like 'em?  Hate 'em?  Let me know! :)

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