Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas~!

It's Christmas!  How do you like my little Christmas tree?  I got it from Walmart for $9 and it sits on my dresser.  It already has lights attached to it! (The bright white spots, lol.)  Got the little ornaments on sale at Walmart too.  I think this is a great color combo!  Not your traditional Christmas colors, but still very pretty! ^^  I hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday~ Relax and be merry! :)

I'm so excited for the upcoming weeks and next few months!  First off, it's the prime of holiday season!  Love this time of the year.  So festive!  And then, I interviewed for an internship on Monday and got it!  So happy and excited for that!  It gives me a feeling of accomplishment to know I'm finally on my way to a future career. :)

Next, I've got to work on my New Year's Resolutions list...Hmm...Well, that's still a few more days away! :P


my dog, Jello, dressed in her Christmas pajamas wishes you good night! isn't she so cute? ^.^


  1. Hehehe. Jello is so adorbz in her jammies. XD

  2. yay! congrats on the internship! can't wait to hear all about it :)

  3. Thank you! I'll tell you all about it soon~ ^^ See you on Saturday!

  4. Heheh, she is SO adorbz! <3 I really like putting her in her jammies, lol. But I don't think she likes it as much...xD


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