Saturday, December 24, 2011

HAUL: More Jewelmint! (exciting news for CANADIAN readers!!)

I have some more Jewelmint pieces to share with you!  I debated posting this, because I am quite disappointed with Jewelmint at the moment due to their Reserves sale fiasco (more about this at the end of the post, if you're interested).  But, I thought I would share anyway, because I do like the jewelry and have become quite addicted. O_O  I try not to buy without a promo code though, because I still feel like $29.99 is quite pricey and that I could probably find a similar looking piece of jewelry for cheaper at F21.  But I guess, also, JM's pieces are more well made than F21 ones...

Here's the Silver Swan bracelet I mentioned in my previous Jewelmint post:

These are the re-released/re-done version of the popular Golden Goose bracelet.  I have since also acquired the much-wanted Golden Goose bracelet. ^^  I love them both!  They both have a satin-y finish, instead of a super shiny one, which I love.  The fit is kind of loose as I'm able to slip it on without undoing the clasp, though I don't worry about it slipping off.  The only difference between the two is really just the color.  Both are definitely a great addition to any arm party! :)

Kind of loose...
I did the string/ribbon test, and my wrist measured 5 1/2 inches, if you were wondering.

My next piece is the Wonderland Earrings that I had on my wishlist!  I really liked these when I first saw them, but hesitated on buying them because I wasn't sure how it looked on a person.  The model pictures weren't that great!  But after seeing HollyAnnAeree wear them, they looked gorgeous and I decided to give in and buy them on Cyber Monday, when Jewelmint had $10 off everything.  Even though I haven't worn these out yet, I fell in love with them!  It's kind of Christmas-y to me, because the top looks like and oranment and then there's the bow that reminds me of a present, lol.  I think I might wear them for my family's Christmas shindig. :)

And for the exciting news for CANADIAN readers?  JEWELMINT IS NOW SHIPPING TO CANADA!! Shipping to Canada will start on December 26.  So if you're interested in Jewelmint and from Canada, YAY for you!! :D

If you'd like to know about my Reserves experience, click below:

As for the whole Reserves sale fiasco...the sale ended up a big mess.  If you don't know what this sale was, it was held on December 14 and was kind of last-chance sale for pieces of Jewelmint jewelry that are not coming back.  JM assigned you a start time (there were 2 time slots) for the sale based on your length of membership, if you were on a waitlist for one of them items, and some other criteria.  I got the 6 PM time slot, which is the earlier one.  I thought I managed to get 2 pieces that I've been really wanting, and that I had avoided any major glitches that was happening to other people.  But it later turned out I was wrong.

The two pieces I wanted were the Eros earrings and Setting Sun necklace, with Eros being my #1 choice.  I went for that first and was so happy when the sale went through.  Well, I got an email yesterday saying that they oversold the Eros and that I would not be getting them.  Bummer right?   But what upset me (and many other customers) was that people weren't supposed to be able to get more than 1 of each piece, and someone was able to get THREE Eros earrings.  They are now selling two of them on eBay for a lot more than the $29.99 that JM charges. :(

Jewelmint really messed up with that...they should've checked orders for duplicates and canceled the duplcates!  Also, they filled later orders before the ones who placed orders first.  Totally sucks.  JM had a lot of angry customers on their Facebook page at the time of the sale as well as after, me included.  They knew this was a BIG sale and should've planned accordingly, should've made sure their inventory counts were up to date, and should've made sure EVERYONE in the company knew about the sale.  I mean how can they not keep better track of their inventory?  And how can some customer service reps not know this sale happened (there have been stories on the FB page about talking to clueless CS reps!)??  Who runs a company like this?!  Apparently JM!  I hope they get their act together!  Or else they'll be losing quite a few customers...I know they've already lost some due to this...Myself?  I'm taking a break from JM for now...might come back at a  later date and see if they've gotten their act together.  Here's to hoping~ I'm not completely done with JM because I do like some of their jewelry.  And they did send me my Setting Sun necklace, so I'm happy about that.  But for now, take this as my last JM post for a long while.

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  1. Kristine, I love the Silver Swan and Golden Goose bracelets from Jewelmint. They look so lovely in your photos. If you ever consider selling, please let me know :)


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