Thursday, December 8, 2011

SWATCH+REVIEW: Revlon Carbonite

I decided to continue with a kind-of Chanel theme for my next mani.  I say kind-of because this is NOT a Chanel polish.  Instead, it is a supposed Chanel dupe!  

Carbonite is a pewter polish with silver and copper shimmer creating a foil finish.  This color is great for fall and winter!  Also, it applied very well!  I was able to get full opacity with one coat, though I used two to be safe.  Below, you can see it photographed both cool and warm, which makes me think it would look great on any skin tone. :)



I think Carbonite is really pretty!  This is supposedly a dupe for Chanel's Graphite polish.  Not dead on, but a pretty good one.  I don't have that polish, so can't do a dupe comparison on my own, but you can definitely Google it and find plenty of others who have done so.  And unfortunately, I am not sure if Carbonite is still available.  You may still find a random one here or there at drugstores and G, from Nouveau Cheap, had posted a couple months ago that they could be found at Big Lots.  So if you're looking for it, I'd say look through the regular Revlon polish display at the drugstore, as leftovers may have been placed there, or check Big Lots.

What do you think of Carbonite?

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