Sunday, December 11, 2011

REVIEW + SWATCHES: Physicians Formula Universal Looks Shimmer Strips Eyeshadow Palette in Nude

I first posted this on my last Wishlist Wednesday, wondering when it would be out.  Well, it's out~!  At the time, my local CVS.  Instead, I found it at another one that I happened to stop at this past week (although I have been to my local CVS again, and they do have it now).  Of course, I had to pick it up.  It was the last one too!

My first impression was that the packaging was super cute!  I love lace, and the black and pink look really pretty together.  Plus it has that cute little bow.  Unfortunately, the little bow fell off of my palette as I took it out of the packaging.  So, be careful when you take it out of the box!  That bow is truly dainty/fragile...

next to the wet n wild vanity palette for size comparison

My next thought was that it was smaller than I was expecting.  This is my first Physicians Formula shimmer strips palette, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Actually, it's my first time using a Physicians Formula product ever!  I hardly buy Physicians Formula products because they are quite pricey, compared to the other drugstore brands.  I usually hold off until a good sale before purchasing!  (Unfortunately, this sale was only Buy One, Get One 50% off, and I don't think that's a very good sale...)  That's not to say I don't own any other Physicians Formula products.  I do have other Physicians Formula products, like the Happy Booster Blush that I hauled earlier, but I haven't used it yet, lol.  Anyway, enough rambling about that!  The size of each color is pretty small, and it may be a bit hard to get your brush in without picking up some of another color.

w/ a q-tip for comparison...the shadows are very thin/tiny!

These didn't have the greatest color payoff when I swatched them on my arm.  It took me several swipes to get what's in the picture:

swatches on nc-25 skin (I think, since haven't been color-matched in a while)

However, even though they come off as sheer, the colors are buildable, as you can see.  Also, it applies much better on the eyelid (with a brush), more pigmented.  All shades are shimmer shades (since they are shimmer strips) except the black, which is kind of matte.  It does still have a bit of shimmer in it in the pan, but the shimmer doesn't transfer when applied to the eye. 

And here's a look I did, using the 3 colors at the left-most side of the palette + the other PF item I got, the Nude eyeliners from this collection (I used the Pewter shade and will review it next!) :

Would I recommend this?  If you asked me this right after I swatched it, I would straight up say no because at $10.99, it's at the higher end of the drugstore spectrum and I would expect it to have better color payoff.  However, after using it on my eyes several times, I do find that I really like it.  It applies much better when applying to the eye, especially if you are using primer.  If you're a nude lover, I think you'd like this, especially if you love taupe-y colors.  This palette has some really nice looking taupe shades!  But if you're looking for a good, cheap first-time nude palette, I don't think this is it. (Again, the price!)  Try the Wet N Wild Vanity palette instead.  You get 6 shades for half of the price of this one (which has 9 shades).  If you want a palette with a black shadow, you could get the Wet N Wild Greed palette, which has a matte black.  Both of the Wet N Wild palettes are $4.99, so it'll still be cheaper to get both the WnW than just this one!  And actually, they're on sale at CVS for 50% off right now!  If it's a taupe-based nude palette you're looking for, try Maybelline's Natural Smokes quad, which is around $5.  And if you're wondering if this is a good cheaper alternative to the Naked palette...?  I don't think so.

Availability: CVS
Limited Edition? not sure if it's limited edition or not
Price: $10.99

Have you spotted this palette at your drugstore?  What do you think?


  1. Ah~ so this is what the PF nude palette looks like! The packaging really is cuuute. -sigh- too bad the colors aren't as pigmented though. ;/ I like your EOTD. Pretty!

  2. Thank you! <3 Yeah, the palette was a bit disappointing...but I really like the PF eyeliners I got! :)

  3. I looove the packaging, lace and bow are a perfect combo :)


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