Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OH, HELLO~ long time no see!

YEAAH...So, I haven't blogged in forever here.  It's just a bit much to keep up with all the blogs that I created.  So, I'm consolidating!  This will no longer be just my crafting blog.  Most of my blogging will go here, and I'll keep one separate one as my book blog.  So all makeup related stuff, fashion related stuff, korean&japanese drama stuff, and everything except book reviews will go here. :)

I'm hoping to start blogging more...you know, considering I have lots of time now since I graduated!  You get to follow my job hunt now...haha.

Consider this the GRAND RE-OPENING of my blog.  Happy reading!

P.S. For past makeup related posts, please visit http://kristinemeetsmakeup.blogspot.com

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