Friday, March 23, 2012

Swatch: China Glaze - Riveting (Colours from the Capitol)

Drumroll, please!


Haha, that's what this polish reminds me of.  The girl on fire.  This is another China Glaze polish from the Colours from the Capitol collection, and it was the one I was most looking forward to when I first saw that this collection was coming out.  I'm not disappointed with in the fact, I love it!

Riveting is meant to represent District 3, whose main output is Technology.  It is a bright red-orange jelly with tiny golden shimmery glass flecks, creating a gorgeous polish.  This is perfect for summer!  The formula was a bit runny, allowing you to apply thin coats easily, and it applied wonderfully.  I used 3 coats to achieve this opacity.

And then I tried it with Luxe and Lush layered on top!

This is 1coat of Luxe and Lush over 3 coats of Riveting.  I love this layered look!  Though I thought my previous layering was nice, this one is so much better.  The flakies look like they're glowing!  So pretty!

So far, Riveting is my favorite from this collection.  But we'll see!  I still have 2 more polishes left to swatch...see you tomorrow for the next one! :]

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Swatch: China Glaze - Dress Me Up & Luxe and Lush (Colours from the Capitol)

Tonight (well technically tomorrow morning) is the premiere of The Hunger Games movie.  Who's excited?  I am!  Unfortunately, I am not going to be a part of the midnight screening.  I have class tomorrow, bright and early.  BOO!  But hopefully I'll get to watch it soon...maybe even this opening weekend?  Who knows...I didn't buy my ticket early, so I'm not even sure if there's any left for this weekend, lol.

Anyway, to celebrate, I have swatches of 2 of the polishes from China Glaze's Colours from the Capitol (or Capitol Colors)!  Here are Dress Me Up and Luxe and Lush.

please excuse the boo-boo on my ring finger

Dress Me Up is a dusty brownish rose creme polish.  I hadn't originally thought to get this one.  But after seeing swatches, I thought it looked pretty.  Though nothing too special, it's still a nice nude color and perfect for work!  This color is meant to represent District 8 from The Hunger Games, which specializes in textiles.  The formula was great on this one, and it applied really well!  This is two coats.

And then I decided to try adding Luxe and Lush, to try and jazz it up!

Luxe and Lush, as you can see, is a flakie.  White iridescent flakes that flashes orange, green, blue, pink, you name it...the color depends on the polish underneath.  This was one of the ones I was excited about when I first heard that a Hunger Games collection was coming out.  But when I saw swatches, I was underwhelmed.  I decided to get it anyway, after seeing a pretty good swatch somewhere (can't remember now).  Though I love flakies, I'm not as much in love with this one.  I still like it, but it's more work.  This is one coat, but I had to maneuver the flakies to get a good scattering of them.  I think it looks nice with Dress Me Up, though.  This polish is supposed to represent District 1, which specializes in Luxury.

I have 3 more polishes from this collection, so hopefully I'll get to swatch them all this weekend, and post one every day in celebration of opening weekend. :]  But for now, I leave you with this:

I wore this ring today without thinking anything other than it would go with my outfit.  But then, when I got bored in class and started fiddling with it, I realized that it reminded me of the Mockingjay on the cover of the book, on Katniss' pin.  I'm definitely gonna wear this when I go watch it, now! :]


Saturday, March 17, 2012

SWATCH: Zoya - Apple

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I haven't posted a swatch in a while, so I thought I'd show you what I painted my nails today.  Since St. Patrick's Day is a day for wearing green, I decided to go with the obvious choice.  I picked Zoya's Apple because it's a bright green with fine gold glitter.  Reminds me of shamrocks and gold!  Perfect right?  Application was smooth and easy, though formula was a bit sheer.  It took me 3 coats to achieve opacity.

Unfortunately, not the best of pictures due to weather.  Had to make do with the lighting in between the rain and overcast skies.  Hopefully I'll remember to swatch this again on a sunny day and will be able to post it again. :]

Hope everyone is having a fun day!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Influenster Love VoxBox

I had a bunch of other post ideas before this, but then I got my Influenster VoxBox yesterday and couldn't wait to post about it!  This is my first ever VoxBox since I found out about it and signed up in December.  It is a sample box filled with different products for everyday use.'s free!  Here's what I got in my box:

I will definitely use all of these and am excited to try them all out!

The package included:
  • Gillette Venus & Olay Razor - great! because I needed a new razor.
  • Kiss Nail Dress - Fashion That Sticks - I love all things nail polish, and am itching to try these! plus, it's leopard print! ^^
  • Stash Tea Herbal Tea Sampler - I'm a bit of a tea junkie, so this is also great for me to try!
  • Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Creamy Devotion Bar - chocolate...need I say more? :P
  • Truvia Natural Sweetner - this will be interesting to try! 
Look forward to my reviews of these products! :]
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