Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolutions

So, the start of the year means it's time for some new resolutions!  Here are some of mine:

1. Eat healthier (more veggies!) and drink more water.  I really want to aim for 8 glasses, as I usually don't drink 8 a day.

2. Save more, spend less! I want to aim for a $100-a-month budget for clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, and dining out all together.  I hope I can keep with it!  It would definitely save me a lottt of money.

3. And in that direction, I want to shop my stash more!  I have quite a few products that I've pushed aside, as I use the same products over and over.  It's time to give those forgotten products some lovin'! ;)

4. Finish my in progress knitting and crocheting projects.

5. Read at least 1 book a month.  I really want to get back into reading more books and book blogging.

6. Blog more!  I have a whole list of future blog posts that I hope to get out soon. :)

7. Make more progress on my Day Zero list!  Because time is ticking, and the days to complete the list are half gone already!

That's it for now!  I might add a few more later, but these are my main ones.  I especially want to concentrate on the eating healthier and getting healthier one!

So what are your resolutions? :)

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