Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong?!

Hello~ Sorry for being MIA!  I actually took a little vacation and went to Hong Kong with my best friend.  We also went to the Philippines, because we both have relatives there.  Actually we had decided to go to the Philippines first, because we thought it would be cool to be there at the same time, since we had never been able to meet up there.  Hong Kong was our side trip...and we just happened to be there a few days before Chinese New Year so it was totally decked out in decorations!

In addition to pretty decorations, Hong Kong has yummy food! We had HK Cafe food, Chinese food, Thai food, and even McD's (because nothing else was open...)

baked porkchop from a hong kong cafe gets an A+ from the bestie

hole in the wall thai place my cousin took us to...really good food!
tom yum was especially delicious!

When we weren't eating, we were doing touristy things.  It wasn't my first time to Hong Kong, but it was my first time seeing all the tourist sites, and it was a lot of fun~!  Stuff like...

Watching the Symphony of Lights!

HK island at night

Going to the Peak!

ride the tram... reach this gorgeous view!

Riding a Cable Car to Ngong Ping!

there is a trail to hike instead of taking the cable car...but it's a pretty long hike...

and at the end, you reach ngong ping village...

...where you can see the big buddha!

And going to Hong Kong Disneyland!

disney also decorates for chinese new year! :)

red envelopes!

a cute display window on main street~

even the mtr line to disneyland is disneyfied! ^^

In addition to Hong Kong, we also set aside a day for Macau.  I had never been, so it was a nice experience. We did more touristy stuff, and I took quite a few pictures, so I'll do a whole separate post for Macau.

And of course, can't forget a haul post! I did do some shopping at Sasa.  Can't stop by Hong Kong without going to Sasa!  Literally.  It is on EVERY corner! lol

So, I didn't actually celebrate Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.  Actually, it would be kind of hard, because I think everything is closed there on CNY since it's a holiday.  I celebrated it in the Philippines instead.  It was interesting to experience Chinese New Year there!  My first time!  Lots of noise, with all the firecrackers being set off and lion dancing on the streets.  But my family didn't actually do anything special, lol.  I did get a red envelope from my grandpa though. :D (And if you are wondering, my family is Chinese, but from the Philippines! ^^ There is actually quite a large Chinese community in the Philippines. However, we don't speak Mandarin or Cantonese...we speak Hokkien/Fukien. :])

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any pictures in the Philippines, because I kept forgetting to bring my camera out with me. =.=;;  Sorry~ I'm not really in tourist mode when I'm there, so I forget to bring it...

Alrighty~ See you in my next post!  Either a Sasa haul or Macau post~ Whichever pictures get edited first, lol.

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  1. it's so festive in asia during lunar new year. i miss the noise.


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