Wednesday, January 4, 2012

IN THE RING: Physicians Formula Universal Shimmer Strips in Nude vs Eye Candy Shimmer Strips in Hazel

Today I have a comparison post for you!  I think this is my first one...and I really wanted to do this one right away, because it includes a clearance item.

When I saw the Physicians Formula Eye Candy Shimmer Strips in Hazel was on clearance at CVS, I went to check it out.  After seeing it, I immediately thought it would be a dupe for the Shimmer Strips Nude palette that I recently reviewed.  So I bought it to swatch and see if I was right, since this one would be a cheaper alternative.  Unfortunately, it wasn't!  But I think it's still a pretty palette.

Both of these palettes are quite neutral.  The main difference is the undertone of each palette.  The Eye Candy one is cooler, while the Nude one is warm....even the black shades!

top is eye candy, bottom is nude palette

I haven't tried out the Eye Candy palette, so can't say how well it holds up or anything right now...I'll probably do a separate review for it on it's own.  But from the swatches, I am leaning towards liking the Eye Candy one more.  I just like the colors more...except that pink one in the middle.  It just seems like such a random color to include!  Plus, it's very chalky...definitely a con to this Eye Candy palette.

Availability: CVS
Limited Edition? Yes, Eye Candy in Hazel is on clearance
Price: $10.99 for the Nude one & $3+ for the Hazel one

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