Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wet N Wild Ice Baby Skittles

Ugh, just had midterms last week.  I'm not sure how I did, but I didn't feel too good about it.  For one of them, I studied more extensively on a part that I didn't really need to know and not enough on the part that ended up as a majority of the test. -sigh-

Anyway, today I took a trip to Walgreens, as I was on the lookout for the Wet N Wild limited edition holiday collections.  Nouveau Cheap has been reporting more and more sightings, so I thought I'd go look.  Good thing I did!  The Beauty Bar, with the limited edition palettes, wasn't out yet, but I was so excited to spot the display for the Ice Baby collection.  And it was completely full!

I picked up 5 of them:

I don't have time to swatch them individually yet, but soon!  I was just so excited that I wanted to share it right away.  Here are some skittle swatches though, so you can get a look at them:

From thumb to pinky: 1 coat each of It's All in the Cut, Back Alley Deals, Cost is No Issue, Believe Me It's Real, and Rockin' Rubies

From thumb to pinky: 2 coats each of It's All in the Cut, Back Alley Deals, Cost is No Issue, Believe Me It's Real, and Rockin' Rubies

More bottle and skittle pics after the cut...

it's all in the cut

back alley deals

cost is no issue 

believe me, it's real 

rockin' rubies

What do you think?  I personally love them!  These colors are so pretty and vibrant!  And it is definitely glitter packed.  The formula was easy to work with and these went on with no trouble.  Wet N Wild did a great job with these, and I think if you get the chance, you should definitely try and get your hands on some.  They are $2.99 each, so a little more expensive than the usual Wet N Wild polishes, but worth it!  Also, they are a Walgreens exclusive.  The display I saw only had 2 of each color, so I recommend going to look soon if you're interested!

Also, not sure if you noticed there's something different with these pictures?  I made a lightbox this past week!  I tried it out with these pictures...It still needs a bit of adjusting to get the right lighting, but I think it's pretty good.  And this will definitely be helpful when I want to blog at night (like today) and when the weather doesn't want to cooperate (especially with winter weather coming soon...). :)

Hope these swatches help~ I'm gonna try to get full swatches soon.  These are added to me ever-growing list of "to swatch/wear".  kekeke~ ^^

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