Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BIRCHBOX: September & October 2011 + Smashbox

I missed posting my September Birchbox, so thought I'd do a compilation post.  I've actually got 3 Birchboxes to post about today! :)

Usually I'd post my box as soon as I got it and wouldn't get to try any of the products beforehand.  But since I'm a bit delayed with my September box, I've already had the opportunity to try some of the products and can do a few small reviews.  So first up is my September box:
happy birthday birchbox!

jurlique hand sanitizer: 
has a soft floral scent that isn't overpowering.  
it dries quickly and doesn't feel sticky at all.

jouer conditioning lip treatment: 
this was the smallest sample, but it lasted longer than I thought it would.  
it did condition my lips and give it a slight shine, but I didn't notice any plumping effect.  
(of course, it should be noted that I have pretty full lips already.)

truth art beauty - face nourish oil: 
uh, not sure how I was supposed to use this, lol.  
I've never used oil on my face, but I thought of this as an extreme moisturizer for the face.  
I put it around my nose, because that's my driest/flakiest area.  
Works ok, and there's not much of a scent, even though it's supposed to be BB's special blend...

incoco polish strips: 
these seem to be really popular these days.  
I haven't tried them yet, but am excited to!

And for my October box:

And my third box is one I got from an event I attended at the end of September.  Birchbox teamed up with Smashbox to create this event for their subscribers, and also gave all attendees a gift.  So this is what was in it:

All Smashbox items!  I haven't tried any Smashbox items before, so I'm pretty excited to try them. ^^

This post is kind of late...almost time for the November Birchbox to come around, lol.  Can't believe it's almost November!!  First Halloween though...which I consider the start of holiday season, lol.  I love this season...fall, winter, and the holidays all together.  I love the decorations, the food, the weather, everything.  Can't wait for everyone else to get in the holiday spirit, hehe. ^^  Ok~ enough rambling!  Until the next post~ Au revoir~

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