Thursday, July 12, 2012

IN THE RING: Julep Daphne vs. Julep Miranda

As I mentioned in my last post, I've already found a dupe for Julep Daphne!  It just so happens that I had Julep Miranda, from my introductory Julep Maven box from August of last year.  These two polishes are almost identical!

julep miranda vs julep daphne

You can already tell just by looking at the bottles that these two polishes are very similar.  I think Miranda, on the left, is just a tad bit greener, but maybe that's just me.

Sometimes polishes may look differently when applied, even though they look similar in the bottle, so I decided to swatch them side by side:

pinky+middle = miranda & ring+index = daphne

You can see there is a slight difference in this photo.  Miranda is slightly lighter, and still looks a tad more green to me here.

index+ring = daphne & middle+pinky = miranda

pinky+middle = miranda & ring+index = daphne

But as seen in the last two pictures, the difference is really hardly noticeable.  It's definitely not a big enough difference to need both these polishes in your collection.  I'm kind of disappointed, since these are both Julep polishes and they are SO alike.  It's almost like they took Miranda and slapped another name on it, and then called it a new polish.  So if you have one, skip the other!

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