Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wishlist Wednesdays (03)

Winter is coming~!  It rained quite a bit this past weekend, and the weather has gotten quite cooler.  I'm totally loving it!  I can break out my scarves and boots now. :D  I went with a couple friends to visit a new museum on Sunday, even though it was raining.  The museum had a really cool exhibit called Warriors, Tombs, and Temples which is an exhibit on China.  There were several life-size terracotta warriors on display, which were really amazing to look at.  Glad I got to go, cuz I'm working on crossing things off my day zero project list! ^^  But that was the end of my fun for the weekend...on Monday, I got my wisdom teeth taken out.  Blechhh~ so I've been home, in a bit of pain, trying to rest and not being able to eat anything except soup and ice cream and stuff like that.

Yeah, so haven't been in the mood to swatch or anything...Mostly I've been on Pinterest a lot!  I have become quite obessesed with Pinterest!  If you don't know what Pinterest is, it's kind of like tumblr except better because you can organize it!  You have boards that you pin stuff to, and you can repin from other boards and like pins.  That's not the best description, but you can find out more on the site.  I currently have several boards and tons of pins; my faves are DIY boards and I've gotten a lot of DIY ideas from them...follow me to see some of them~ :)

OKAY, enough rambling!  Onto Wishlist Wednesday!

The wishlist will probably be growing more and more, with Christmas only a month and a half away.  Today's additions are a mix of fashion and makeup!  Holiday collections are coming out now, so my first item is this palette from Physicians Formula's holiday collection:

photo: musings of a muse

I love the packaging!  It's so pretty!  And I'm always happy to get a new nude palette. :)  There are 3 other palettes coming out with this one, including a Smoky one.  They all have their own unique packaging and are all cute!  To learn more about these, you can check out Musings of a Muse.

Next are the Wonderland Earrings from Jewelmint:

photo: jewelmint blog

These were in my showroom last month, and I really liked them but didn't get them.  I decided to pass on them because the picture of the model wearing them didn't wow me.  But HollyAnnAeree recently did a video with these, and I really liked it on her, so now I'm contemplating getting them again, haha.  BTW, I decided to give Jewelmint a second chance, and got much better service the second time around!  I will be doing an updated review soon~

Lastly, I have been wanting one of the Sigma Make Me Up brush sets for the longest!

photo: sigma beauty

I'm just not sure which color I want!  I want either this one or the purple one, I think.  Oh, and they're also coming out with a Bunny collection, which is pretty much like this set...except vegan!  And different colors, of course.  They're also coming out with similar sets based on cities.  There will be 4: New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo.  Hey, what happened to LA? lol Anyway, I can't wait for those either...Sigma's coming out with some great stuff and I'm pretty excited to see the rest of it!  The only thing I'm bummed about is that they raised their prices on this brush set.  The Make Me Up collection used to be $ they're $109, and Sigma doesn't even have free shipping!  Guess I'll wait until IMATS to pick up this set, and hope they're on sale there.

Other things I'm currently wanting:
- MAC mineralize eye shadow in Winterized
- MAC paint pot in Morning Frost
- Coastal Scents Go Palette in London and Beijing

What's on your wishlists?

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