Saturday, August 25, 2012

SWATCH: OCC - Something

Getting back into the swing of things, just as school is about to start!  I've actually been sitting on these swatches for a bit...again with the laziness of not wanting to crop/edit pictures.  I really need to stop with that.  But anyway...

I bought this polish from the OCC booth at IMATS.  It was on sale for $5/polish, so I ended up buying 2: this one and Chlorophyll, which is the one I originally wanted.  OCC's Something is a gorgeous sky blue with a dusty quality to it.

in the shade

in the sun

I loooove this polish!  It applied really well, with not much work to it and no streaks at all!  That's quite unusual for least for me.  And I think I used 2 coats for the opacity above.  The color is gorgeous, as mentioned.  Plus, the name is cute!  (You know, "something blue"...get it? ;P)

Definitely impressed with the quality of this OCC nail polish and can't wait to try Chlorophyll.  I think I might get some more polishes from OCC at next year's IMATS!

Have you tried OCC nail polish before?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SWATCH: Revlon Moon Candy - Supernova

Hello~ It's been so hot for at least the past two weeks!  It makes a person not want to do anything but sit in front of the fan/air conditioner, haha.  Anyway, today I have a polish from the Revlon Moon Candy collection.  This is my first time trying any of these Revlon duos.

I originally wasn't going to buy anything from this collection because it just didn't seem worth it.  They're quite pricey for the amount of polish you get.  But this week, CVS is having a pretty good deal on Revlon polish, so I decided to give it a try.

This particular duo is called Supernova.  It has a dark gray base with pink/peach flakies that also flash green and yellow.

The above swatches were done with 2 coats of the base color and 1 thick coat of the flakies.  I knew there could be some problems getting the flakies from bottle to nail, since I read some reviews before buying, so I just didn't wipe the brush at all before applying.  Whatever was on the brush went on the nail.  I had  no problems with application for the base color, and the flakies didn't give me much of a problem either, as can be seen from the pictures.  I didn't use a base coat for these photos.

If you're interested in this polish or any of the other Moon Candy collection, CVS is having a sale on Revlon polishes.  It's currently $4.99, which is a deal in itself since these are regularly priced at $8.29.  But you also get $3 ExtraCare bucks, which is like getting this polish for $1.99.  

Do you have any of the Moon Candy polishes?
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